Roman rushes to the rescue’: 10-year-old boy rescues five thousand stray dogs from euthanasia

Every night, nearly five thousand homeless dogs, which should have been euthanized. They cuddle up to their beloved owners thanks to the efforts of a ten-year-old boy from Texas, USA named Roman.

Roman was only four years old when he discovered that animals were being slaughtered in the centres. Then there were no people willing to give them a home and a family.

He vowed to find a solution to the problem and started small. By volunteering at one of the centres. “I would often choose those that had lived the longest in the center, such as Labradors, pit bulls and other large dogs.

These animals had the saddest life stories. They also had the least chance of being adopted. »- says Roman. At the age of eight, Roman created his own dog show on YouTube. A year later, he and his mother founded Project Freedom Ride, have a much better chance of finding a home.

Soon, 17 more dogs from centers in Texas will be featured in the boy’s new project. A TV show called Roman Hurry to Help. In each episode of the show, the little one will introduce viewers to animals. At the end of the show, any viewer can apply to adopt a dog.

Then Roman finds a suitable dog for every person who dreams of having a pet.

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