Sad fate: Cat ends up in an animal shelter after 10 years

At the moment, Mausi doesn’t seem to have quite understood where she suddenly ended up, because it lived as an apartment cat with her master for ten years.

However, as the animal shelter in Bergheim near Cologne reported on Monday, fate recently struck and separated pet and owner from each other. The cat’s owner had come to the nursing home, according to the shelter’s latest Instagram post.

That’s how the kitty ended up in the facility, must first get used to the new environment and first undergo an intensive care program. Because the condition in which Mausi arrived at the shelter gave the keepers cause for concern. »

The tigress has certainly not experienced much good lately, all matted and with far too many kilos on her ribs, she was handed over to us, » described the animal rescuers and explained that Mausi’s owner could no longer properly care for the animal due to his illness.

It is certainly not easy for the cat to be torn from its familiar surroundings at the age of ten, but Mausi is in the best of hands in Bergheim. The committed animal rescuers are now doing everything they can to find a new home for the friendly kitty!

« She is absolutely grateful for every attention and every touch, and we very much hope that despite her not exactly model dimensions, she will find people who love her very quickly, »

Enthused the keepers of the newcomer and kept their fingers crossed for the cat that the animal shelter is not the terminus in Mausi’s life.

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