She just wants me to be there: how to live with a handicapped dog?

An animal whose body parts are paralyzed is not a condemnation, and the story of the « special » dog Toni proves it.

In April 2016, a program was set up to capture, neuter, vaccinate and release homeless animals in Voronezh. The volunteers came across a dog that was in particular need of help from the grannies.

Once there, they saw the animal crawling with bones sticking out of its hind legs. Under the EPR program, dogs with such serious injuries are euthanized, but Toni was lucky.

Volunteers rescued the dog and brought her to the centre. An examination revealed that the victim was not even a year old. She had shot down with an unidentifiable device.

What the specialists extracted from the dog’s body did not look like a bullet. The wounds healed, the muscles returned to normal, she endured it all: a heroine. With recommendations for special therapies and massages, Toni walked out of the center.

« As soon as the volunteers found the dog, they published a post. I saw the photo, and I felt a pang in my heart. I immediately knew that it was a dog that I could help.

Perhaps this feeling was born from the fact that his face resembled that of my first dog. I even called her Tony afterwards. » “At the time, I had a hard time imagining life with a disabled dog. The most difficult moment in terms of care was the toilet.

Toni had leaks and they were everywhere. Due to his immobilized hind limbs, the dog was raking the litter – so we had to constantly clean the floor after him. »

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