How social media made a man a popular artist

Sometimes life can be turned upside down by a stroke of luck. Richard Hutchins, a 70-year-old artist from Los Angeles, knows something about it. When his Santa Monica studio burned down, he lost everything.

But Richard was given the chance to get his life back on track when he met a guy named Charlie Jubalai on the street one day. With the help of social media and donations from many people, helps solve the problems of people in difficult circumstances.

Charlie saw Richard sitting on a cart in front of the store. He told her about his life and said his dream was to go to a gallery or a museum and see his paintings hanging on the wall.

He quickly shared the artist’s story on social media and used funds from his foundation to purchase a canvas and oil paints for Richard. Once back on the street, Richard learns that the manager of the Cool HeART Gallery has invited him to an art exhibition featuring famous Los Angeles artists.

Charlie set up web pages for Richard so he could start selling paintings, get his life in order and prepare for the exhibition he was invited to. Just one day after the launch of the site, the artist sold several of his paintings for more than 50 thousand dollars, a few days later this amount doubled.

Thanks to social networks, Richard’s story was known by many celebrities who also wanted to buy his works.

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