Teenagers found a way to rescue Christmas decorations from cats and became millionaires

Christmas decorations are as fragile as they are beautiful. The slightest clumsy move can destroy a beloved Christmas memory once and for all. Not to mention kittens, who love climbing up and down Christmas trees and throwing anything they can grab hold of with their nimble paws.

Brothers Ajaan and Mickey Naqvi of Shelton, Connecticut, were decorating their family’s Christmas tree last year when one of their favorite decorations fell and broke.

The broken toy, which was no longer repairable, made the boys think. If there was a better way to hang the ornaments so that they were really attached to the tree? Thanks to this idea, an anchor for ornaments was born.

Using a loop and moving clip, Ajaan and Mickey created a prototype and presented it as a school project. The invention being very popular, they quickly decide to make it a potential source of income.

« My brother and I worked together to develop the product, patent it, create an amazing website, calculate the profit margin and do our own market analysis. » – Ajaan told CNN.

It was not the young entrepreneurs’ first business invention. A previous one allowed the boys and their families to participate in an episode of the Shark Tank series.

Although the teenagers failed to make a deal on the show, this experience was important. Ajaan and Mickey decided to donate 10% of their profits to local animal centers.

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