The accountant went to the shelter for a dog that had no chance of being admitted and ended up taking 10 and a pig

Anyone can create a mini home shelter — even Denver, Colorado accountant Steve Greig, who had no previous experience as a pet volunteer, has succeeded.

Steve simply loved dogs, and when his dog died, he decided to get a new animal from the least adoptable animal shelter. This group usually includes senior dogs with health issues, and Steve was prepared for these issues.

What he didn’t expect, however, was that the shelter he arrived at had at least ten dogs of varying sizes, colors, and behaviors that met the « unadoptable » criteria. The man looked at these unfortunate creatures whose life was to end in a refuge cage and made a firm decision.

« I take them all! » – Greg announced himself to the shelter staff, filled out the paperwork and loaded his new animals, from the smallest to the largest, into the trunk of the car.

A little later, Bikini, the farmer’s unwanted bacon pig, Stuart, the occasional bunny who roamed the yard, and a pair of motherless chickens, now bred to be respectable layers, were also introduced to the mini. -shelter.

He had no problem housing the animals; Greg lives in his own spacious house and has a small yard with a shed. But her routine had to change. Her accountant now wakes up at 5 a.m., cooks breakfast for the company, gives the dogs prescribed medication and walks them.

He then goes to work and returns at lunchtime to take his new friends for a walk and offer them a snack. After work he is with them again: he walks, plays, washes, brushes – he is busy and not bored.

This motley crew lives together and Greg has a kind word for each animal. He is happy to be able to help them, and the rescued animals repay him well in love and devotion.

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