The biggest dog in the world

The world’s largest dog is the Great Dane Zeus. He entered the Guiппess Book of Records in 2013 and began to proudly wear the title of the biggest dog. Its size is indeed gigantic – 111.8 centimeters.

In size, it is a small horse, donkey, or pony. Well, how much does the biggest dog in the world weigh? 70 kilograms! But let’s get to know him better. Fortunately, we have stories of its owners, as well as a sufficient number of photographs.

So, if the dog stood on its hind legs, its height was already 2.24 meters. So in the house, he could get whatever he wanted: there was no need to hide it from him on the top shelf.

Keeping this dog has not been easy for other reasons. First, every day the dog ate 14 kg of dog food, which, of course, was not cheap. The owners have specially purchased a truck to transport it.

In addition, although passers-by are usually afraid of the giant, like a real Great Dane, Zeus was well-behaved. He didn’t bark or rush at strangers. On the contrary, good nature and nobility were his trademarks.

He also liked the « veal tenderness ». With pleasure, he sat on his master’s lap and preferred to be petted. However, when he grew up, for safety reasons, no one let him down on his knees. For a long time, he could not accept such « injustice ».

But the owners have stroked it enough. The character of Zeus was also quite playful. During his meeting with the owners, he jumped on it with joy. And if they didn’t stop him in time, he would throw them to the ground.

Indeed, a peculiarity of the Great Danes is that it is difficult for them to realize the limits of their power. Often this has a destructive effect on everything around them. But not on purpose.

By the way, the dog in question was not a champion in weight but takes the palm only in height. Well, if we take the weight category, then in the TOP of the largest dogs in the world, the Alabai and Caucasian Turkmen Shepherd Dogs are in the lead.

Their weight can be up to 90 kg. But if we return to Zeus, it should be noted that his lifestyle was distinguished by social activity. With the help of his hosts, he visited hospitals, where patients could admire him and even pet him.

He also participated in special programs to help overcome the fear of dogs.

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