The cat befriended the dog, and when it fell ill, it nursed it back to health and learned to predict its attacks

Many stories have been told about the friendship between cats and dogs, so let’s add another to the piggy bank. Although today we are going to have a story about not only a cat as a good friend, but also a healing cat.

A girl called Eliza Collins is a dog lover. She always preferred dogs, while her cat-loving attitude was much cooler. But it so happened that Elvin, who purred like a stuffed animal, arrived at her house and became the first pet in the girl’s independent life.

But, of course, the desire to own a dog did not die out, and soon the girl got a dog called Baron. Alvin and Baron have become very close friends, contrary to their owner’s doubts. Years passed and everything was fine, until a bad thing happened – a serious illness affected the dog.

This resulted in the dog sometimes falling suddenly and starting to have fits of sorts, having a fever and shaking. The vet had prescribed medication, which seemed to reduce the number of seizures to a minimum, but after taking these medications, the dog became lethargic and sad for a long time.

At first, Elfyn didn’t understand what was going on and looked at her sick friend with some dismay. But then everything changed. As soon as Baron lay down and was sad after taking his medication, the cat would start mopping the dog’s face and neck, spending most of his time with him.

He tried so hard to shake his friend, that Baron had to give in to the stuffed dog’s push. This way the dog came back to life much faster, instead of days at a time.

Over time, the dog’s attacks almost disappeared. But they still happen from time to time. Remarkably, Alvin senses them coming ahead of time and begins to worry. This gives his mistress time to prepare and deal with attacks in good order.

By the way, Baron is so fond of petting the cat, that even when no disease threatens him, he often comes to see Alvin and prepares his face to « wash » him. The owner jokes that you get used to a good thing, so the dog gets used to it.

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