The cat climbed into the washing machine and fell asleep. The owner did not notice and washed the cat

So the story takes place in Nottingham. Bobby, who was still very young and had in the family, was very fond of the washing machine from an early age. And this attention was so intrusive that it began to scare the owners.

Of course, Bobby was still trying to get into the machine, but he was still being chased away. But, as they say, the forbidden fruit is sweet. When the kitten was a little older, he still seized the moment when the washing machine door was slightly ajar, and holed up in the laundry room, out of sight of the owners.

He was only taking a nap, but he got himself into trouble and barely made it out in one piece. The reason was that the owner had not taken care that the cat was not in the car, as she always did. And it turns out that Bobby snuck out this time.

Anyway, the machine was running, the water had pooled, the drum started spinning and it was only then that she realized she could see wet gray hair through the window. She immediately stopped the machine and dragged the dazed cat outside.

The cat was only « washed » for two minutes, but even that was enough to last a lifetime. He was freezing, with huge round eyes that started squinting after a while. The cat was dried, then rushed to the vet.

The vet was surprised because, in 15 years of work, he had never come across a cat that had been washed. Outwardly the cat was fine, only suffering from shock, but that was only outwardly.

His problems were much more serious. The cat had to undergo intravenous treatment and eye treatment because he had been in contact with chemicals and they were stinging him.

He also suffered from hypothermia, which, without the intervention of doctors, would have been tragic. It only spent two minutes in the washing machine! A little longer would have been the end for him.

When Bobby returned home from his treatment and stay at the animal hospital, he never went near the washing machine again, not even to the bathroom.

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