The cat was put in cat litter, wrapped in bags, and thrown into a trash can, with an explanatory note attached

Some people’s actions cannot be explained logically. Take for example our story today, where the owner of the cat, on the one hand, loved his cat or at least wanted to help him in some way, but, on the other hand, acted in a simply inhumane and very strange way.

This story unfolded in 2017, on New Year’s Eve in the city of Krasnoyarsk. A woman walking past the bins noticed a rather odd picture: a beautiful British breed was sitting on a cat’s litter, wrapped in a bag.

But the most interesting thing was something else: next to it was a note that read: « British, his name is Leo. An Alabama at home, eats him. Help me sort it out, my heart is breaking ».

The woman could not pass by, she found people from the animal protection group, and the girl Olesya, who took it upon herself to save poor Leva, arrived on the scene. The first thing he did was go to the vet, who examined the fluffy cat for various diseases. The animal turned out to be completely healthy and full of energy.

He was very affectionate and gentle, a rare quality for his breed, normally a phlegmatic minx. They decided to temporarily keep the kitten at the veterinary clinic while Olesya looked for an owner but to everyone’s surprise,

The owner was found the same day – Leva was accepted by a woman who had recently lost her pet and loved it. Thus, the animal threatened by an Alabama already lives at home with its beloved owner.

But the situation itself plunges us into great perplexity. Yes, sometimes animals do not get along with each other, unfortunately, this often happens. But is that a reason to take the cat out in the winter, in the trash?

If the owners were so afraid for Lev, their decision is strange, because the street is a very dangerous place for pets, especially for the British, who are not adapted to the harsh Siberian realities.

Surely they could have done something: they could have taken them to neighbors or relatives for a while, or to a shelter after all. But, as usual, the easiest way to solve a problem is to pass it on to others or let it go on its own, the good old Russian tradition of taking the risk. This is how we live.

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