The cat was trapped inside a supermarket and spent nearly two years there before being rescued and cared for by a shop assistant

A cat has entered the communication ducts of the walls of a supermarket. But the poor guy couldn’t get out. A supermarket employee heard a meow. The man did not immediately realize where the noise was coming from and only later realized it was coming from the walls.

He spent a long time examining the walls and finally managed to figure out that the animal was sitting in the downstairs stair area. There was a small removable panel, but unfortunately, its size did not allow it to get the animal out.

However, the door allowed the cat to be fed and given water, which a store employee did every day, even on weekends. Of course, attempts were made to remove the animal, but they failed.

It’s scary to think about, but the cat wasn’t rescued in earnest until 2 years later, in January 2020. That’s when supermarket management finally gave the go-ahead to punch holes in the walls. They even financed a professional rescue team with equipment.

The rescue operation took several hours, as the rescuers had to find a plan for the building, and determine where they could make a hole and where they could not.

The rescued cat was handed over to the store employee, who had been caring for her for two years. Of course, the employee took the cat with him and sent him to the vet. Fortunately, the cat was not in a serious condition, only very stressed when the workers broke through the walls.

A little later, the journalists visited the man to find out what had happened to the cat. It turned out that he had already gotten used to his new home and got along well with his landlord. The story drew a huge public reaction; the cat was rescued almost live on TV.

It is unknown why this was not done sooner and why they had to wait so long. Maybe people were hoping the cat would find the exit on its own. Perhaps they took pity on the money, because after the rescue operation the store had to do a lot of repairs, and Koreans are known to be practical people.

In short, it’s good that everything ended well.

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