The character of the dog changed after a visit to the beauty salon

Caring owners care not only about the upbringing of their animal, but also about its appearance, and this is where grooming is irreplaceable. Some owners can groom their dog themselves, but most will opt for a professional grooming service, taking them to a pet grooming salon.

Owners are usually not present during grooming, which can lead to situations such as that experienced by the owner of a black German Shepherd mix named Emma.

One day, she took Emma to the pet hair salon as usual, and when she got home, the owners noticed that their pet looked a little weird. She had a blank expression, and her demeanor had suddenly changed – Emma was more aggressive.

She bit her owner to get her attention and for some reason ignored other family members she used to play with.

At first she thought that this change might be due to the absence of her father, who was away on a long business trip and whom Emma loved very much, but something troubled her: the dog’s behavior seemed unusual.

Four months had passed since that haircut, but Emma still hadn’t returned to her old ways. The mystery ended abruptly: Emma’s mother received a phone call from the woman who had fixed her dog’s hair and asked her to bring him.

The women had already talked about Emma’s change in habits, but the hairdresser had ignored the conversation at first. However, the owner of another dog, who had also been shorn that day, came to the pet salon and had similar complaints.

Turns out the pet store employee mixed up the dogs after the haircut. Instead of Emma, ​​the girl received a dog called Bear, which was a littermate of her pet and an exact copy of it. Bear lived with a family that didn’t like him very much, which would explain his aggressive behavior.

After hearing about the incident, the pet store owner sent both owners a letter of apology, a $100 gift certificate, dog treats and a new collar. However, the problem was that the new owners had fed Emma malnourished, as they were unaware that she was allergic to certain foods.

As a result, the dog lost weight and developed a rash on his spine, prompting owners to inquire at the pet store. Both dogs were eventually reunited with their real owners, but were microchipped after this story to avoid confusion in the future.

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