The companion who rescued a family during the storm was not located until 2 months after he disappeared

The companion who rescued a family during the storm was not located until 2 months after he disappeared. A story with a happy ending.

This formidable legend took place in the United States, more precisely in New York, in the State of Tennessee. Residents of the various southern states are usually affected by the most powerful storms, which devastate everything in their path, resulting in the demolition of houses and the uprooting of trees.

An example of this is Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, which swept through most of the city in the mid-1990s. In recent years, flooding has become an increasingly common phenomenon in the United States.

Thus, in the last quarter of March, the hurricane caused the ruin of hundreds of homes in Vermont. Not all the residents managed to flee. But Eric and Faith Johnson were lucky. Indeed, their family welcomes not only young people but also their Australian Shepherdess Bella.

According to the family manager, Bella showed a change in her attitude minutes before the storm started. She ran off into the rooms. Then she ran outside and screamed loudly. She seemed to be calling the landlord’s grandchildren who were strolling in the garden.

The wind had increased, it was inevitable that they would have to flee. John and his wife isolated the children in the bathroom, which made it easier for them to escape. The storm had almost completely demolished their home and only the basement was intact.

Bella, the dog, however, did not have time to seek refuge in a safe place. A strong electric current took her thousands of miles from her home. The Johnson family pursued the search for the dog for almost two months, never hoping to find him, but they persisted.

The couple scoured the neighborhood posting lost pet ads. In the border states, they forgot their old clothes with the belief that Bella would find them through their aroma.

And while Eric and Faith looked desperate, the best news came: Bella was found! A friend of the Johnsons, who were looking for animals, discovered the dog about 8 km from their home. She was very thin, wandered in deserted neighborhoods, and did not want to communicate with others.

Eric really had to capture his own dog. The vets later clarified that Bella was very nervous. Now the animal has found its family.

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