The cute friendship between a dog and a calf has won over millions

Sometimes animals utterly different from each other become inseparable friends whose affectionate company touches your soul. An unusual friendship has formed between a dog, Skye, and a calf.

Just a week after his birth, Lewis lost his mother and contracted pneumonia. So much so that its owners decided to get rid of it. But he was rescued by Gentle Barn Animal Center staff in California, USA. They took him back to the farm and started treating him.

With the calf’s condition very serious, Ellie Lux, owner of the farm and founder of Gentle Barn, placed him in her home. « I put Lewis up in the house so I could care for him in a clean, cool environment and be able to watch him 24 hours a day. » – reminds Ellie.

The calf has recovered. The entire time he was in the house, he was cared for by a shaggy-haired nurse, Skye writes Inspiremore. « Skye protected him and lay next to him to soothe him. She became a comfort to him and made a big difference in his recovery. » – said the owner of the farm.

After her recovery, Lewis and Skye continued to communicate and became good friends. Despite their size difference, they love running around the yard together, playing, cuddling, and even chewing grass.

Ellie thinks people can learn a lot from watching the friendship between a calf and a dog.

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