The dog has lost its appetite. What should you do?

He no longer likes his food. In this case, the dog feels well: his stools are normal, he shows no signs of illness and he plays and walks undisturbed. If your dog has been eating the same food for a long time, he may just get tired of it. Their eating habits may also change with age.

Give her something new to experiment with, give her a different treat or flavor as a unique treat. If he shows interest. Remember: If you change food class or brand, follow the transition rules. Add the new food to its old ration for at least a week, gradually increasing the percentage.

If it’s hot outside, it’s perfectly normal for your dog to not eat or finish his food. Increase his walk time in the evening to whet his appetite or try wet food. If the food is stale, sour, or past its expiration date, it should be discarded. Do not leave food for a long time.

If it doesn’t touch the bowl, put it in the frezzer after fifteen minutes to prevent the food from spoiling or becoming lumpy. When buying a new packet or can, be sure to check the expiration date and follow the home storage rules.

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