The dog met its protector after two years

The animal had been caged in a house for nearly two months. A dog called Honey found by the RSPCA a few years ago. The animal had been locked in a cage in an abandoned house for almost two months. Honey clung to life, finding some food nearby, but was still extremely emaciated.

It should be noted that she was rescued by Rachel Leaf of the RSPCA. The girl entered the house through a closed window, climbing on the kitchen furniture, but eventually managed to get her pet out. It was so light that the girl could lift it with one hand.

She took the animal to the specialist. Honey was so grateful to her protector that she kept licking her. He lived at the RSPCA until he was taken in by residents of the centre. After two years, they invited Rachel to their home to see if Honey recognized her.

« As soon as I was in the doorway, the dog immediately and literally pounced on me. She was sniffing me, licking me and wanting to cuddle me, » says Rachel. She said she had heard that sometimes dogs remember and recognize people who helped them, but never thought she would encounter this herself.

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