The funniest rides around the world

Do you like extreme rides? So this fear, mixed with the adrenaline, gives you a feeling of pleasure. If so, then you definitely need to go on these rides. If not, at least know how amazing they can be.

Just five seconds after the start, you’re already at 240 km/h, like a Formula 1 car, just half a kilometer from the ground. This is no coincidence since the roller coaster is located in the Ferrari theme park.

And famous pilots have tested them on themselves and confirmed that the sensations are really similar to those experienced in real competitions. The name of this ride is « X-Scream » and lives up to its name.

However, from the outside it’s a pretty sight – the children’s cars and rides are all colorful and attractive. Except they’re 264 meters above sea level and the ride is hovering over an abyss at breakneck speed. There is no shortage of screams.

A true paradise for water park enthusiasts. It is a pleasure to exceed 100 km/h while paddling in the water. However, it doesn’t last long – only 5 seconds.

Have you ever gone up to the 26th floor? You have to climb up to this height to be able to jump down. You’re unlikely to manage to see anything during the fall, but it will give you a powerful adrenaline rush.

What do you think of extreme rides? Are you ready to get your nerves tickled, or would you rather watch?

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