The girl looked at the photo of the dog from the shelter every day

According to scientists, having a pet in the family has a positive effect on child development. Children often ask their parents to buy dogs for them, and 10-year-old Alexandria from the US state of Arizona is no exception.

The girl had wanted a dog for a long time and even found a dog that she would like to have. Looking at pictures of dogs on the local shelter’s website, Alexandria spotted a black and white pit bull named Wyatt and immediately knew that was the dog she wanted.

She asked her mother for a dog to join the family, but Angela told her that it would take time before she got a dog. Alexandria didn’t argue, but Wyatt was on her mind, and she checked every day to see if anyone had already taken it.

One morning before school, she looked at the website as usual, but her beloved pit bull was not there. The girl, of course, was upset, as Wyatt was her dream dog.

However, when he got out of school, a surprise awaited him: Wyatt was sitting in front of the school and waiting for him! Turns out his mom had been at the shelter yesterday and met Wyatt. He turned out to be a sweet and friendly dog, and the shelter staff had nothing but nice things to say about him.

Angela had signed the paperwork for the pet’s ownership, but she wanted to surprise her daughter, so she picked up the dog in the morning. The first meeting between Alexandria and Wyatt affected everyone, teachers and schoolchildren alike.

Wyatt immediately recognized Alexandria as his mistress, jumping around her happily, wagging his tail, and not understanding why she suddenly had tears in her eyes.

The dog now lives happily in the family with Angela and Alexandria. The young girl takes care of him and Angela is happy that her daughter has such a wonderful pet. Mom, daughter, and pit bull have become true friends!

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