The girl noticed a « leaf » on the floor and realized she needed help

When April Rose went out on the patio to help her mother clean up the leaves in the garden, she had no intention of saving anyone’s life. But things didn’t go as planned.

At one point, she looked down and saw a small bump, which she initially mistook for a leaf. She approached the oddly shaped sheet and leaned over to examine it.

The young girl realized that the baby bird needed help, so she carefully picked it up and placed it in an overturned bowl for her mother to find. « Le was trying to fly away, but he couldn’t. I started looking around to see if his mother was there, but she was nowhere to be found.

Anyway, I didn’t see her.  » – April told The Dodo. April took a step back to try to find the feathered cub’s nest. But in vain. Having brought nothing back, the young girl decided to create a makeshift nest for the little bird to keep it warm and safe.

She left the baby bird in the nest April had made, and began to visit it regularly to feed it. Finally, the little hummingbird gathered strength and flew away. April is happy that she was able to help the feathered « leaf ». She now hopes to see him again one day.

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