The girl thought the kitten was in trouble, but it turned out to be a wolf

There are a huge number of different cat breeds, ranging from Scottish to Sphynx. Did you know there are shape-shifting cats, or Lycoys as they are called? Brianna Walton, a resident of Maine, had never heard of this unique breed, let alone imagined meeting one.

It all started when Brianna Walton, a 29-year-old photographer, picked up two pregnant female cats off the street who soon gave birth to a total of 12 kittens six days apart.

The fur mothers took care of their respective cubs and coexisted quite peacefully. However, Brianna soon noticed that one kitten was different from the others. The little girl seemed smaller than her siblings, and after a while, she started to go bald. She took Gracie to the specialist who told her she was fine.

It was later discovered that Gracie had a rare genetic mutation that caused her appearance. They are usually called werewolf cats, or Lycos. Every six months, Lycos shed almost all of their fur, which soon partially regrows. Brianna was surprised at how different Gracie was from regular cats.

The girl shared her pet’s story on TikTok. A video of the shapeshifting cat has gone viral, racking up over 6.3 million views, with over three thousand people following his Instagram account.

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