The man remakes an entire city

Brent Underwood, 32, is not the kind of man who is afraid to start renovating for years. In fact, the man is not even intimidated by the redevelopment of a run-down city.

In 2018, Brent spent all of his savings buying in California’s Inyo Mountains. For ten months, Brent has isolated himself like no other, spending all his time in the empty city, where only the occasional contractor shows up to renovate buildings.

There were about four thousand inhabitants in Cerro Gordo and, judging by Brent’s accounts, some of them did not leave it in the end. « I didn’t really believe in ghosts until I bought Cerro Gordo. Also, one night I decided to watch the sunset and saw someone looking out the window of a house with the lights on. »

They were looking out the window and then they closed the door and closed the curtains, » Brent Underwood told Vice. The man thought maybe it was the contractors.

When Brent called them, they said they hadn’t been in town for weeks. Despite some concerns about paranormal entities, furthermore, Brent continues to actively explore Cerro Gordo and continually discovers many unique story elements there.

For example, he once found a briefcase containing a 1934 treaty authorizing mining.

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