The man throws stones at the crocodile

Forrest Gump already knew: « Stupid is he who does stupid things. » Now a man in Villahermosa, Mexico, had to experience for himself how true this wisdom can be.

In the La Encantada Lagoon, he had misbehaved while drunk. He attacked a female crocodile with stones that were near her egg nest, the Sun reported. A  video of the incident, which happened last Thursday, is now circulating on Twitter. It shows the drunk approaching the reptile with a stick in his hand.

In a flash, the crocodile bites the attacker’s leg and pulls him to the ground. Confused, the man then tries to get rid of the animal, shaking his leg while the reptile pulls him towards the water. It doesn’t take long for the drunk to tear himself away.

The video breaks off at this point. Later, professionals came to capture the crocodile lady. Recordings of this action are also circulating on Twitter. According to witnesses, it is unclear how badly the man was injured in the incident, reports the Mexican newspaper La Razon.

The director of Villahermosa’s civil defense, JosĂ© GĂłmez, said: « The person who appeared to have been attacked threw stones at [the crocodile] and was drunk. »

And further: « These animals are in the reproductive phase. She had a few eggs – and the animal felt attacked and reacted. » According to local media, the crocodile was initially taken to an animal shelter. After all, one has to give the troublemaker credit for possibly having achieved something good with his action.

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