The photographer who promises to take unforgettable photos of the pink dog

It was learned that these dogs are used by local photographers who promise to take unforgettable photos of the pink dog against the backdrop of the blue sea. Besides dogs, wildlife photographers also use other exotic animals. Parrots, pythons, leopards, bobcats, bears, and panthers.

Their beach business is booming and earning multi-million dollar profits for pet owners and renters during the holiday season. Animals are therefore used on an assembly line, in order to get the maximum benefit. The predators are injected with sleeping pills and drugged.

The animals are exposed to the sun all day, they overheat and get sunburn and sunstroke. As soon as animals and birds cease to bring benefits to their owners, photographers get rid of animals that have become a burden.

The animals are put to sleep or thrown into the street. That’s what happened to this pair of Samoyeds (painted pink). Taken to the woods and dumped there, 60 kilometers from Gelendzhik. The volunteers took a long time to lure the dogs to catch them.

They only managed to catch them after several hours of this “hunt”. Using good cuts of meat, they were baited into specially designed trap boxes. Previous experiences with humans had taught animals a simple truth: « A man cannot be trusted. »

And for good reason. Parting with him was not entirely peaceful for the dogs. Later, the doctors will find several gunshot wounds in the bodies of the two dogs. A bullet fired from a small caliber weapon lodged in the eardrum of one of the dogs, rendering him deaf.

They were also found to be suffering from dermatitis and skin irritation caused by the toxic pink paint. The animal also had severely bruised ribs and bruise marks on the sides and spine. Apparently, dogs were often « bred » and forced into obedience by their former owners.

Today, the Samoyeds are out of danger. The animals are fed and kept temporarily in the enclosures of the Husky Help shelter. They have a long journey ahead of them to Moscow, where they will live waiting for a kind and loving new owners.

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