The reaction of a dog whose mistress wants to take it for a walk astonishes almost a million users on the Internet

Even those who don’t own a dog will know that the furry friends can’t wait to finally step outside. Many four-legged friends whimper with joy, as if their birthday, Christmas, fell on the same day.

But Rex, a Siberian Husky from the UK, is different. Quite different from what the almost one million users who clicked on his TikTok video expected. However, his owner Sophie is already used to the game: if she suggests her four-legged friend go outside, he refuses for reasons that are still inexplicable.

She filmed what such a situation looks like for TikTok: In the clip, you can see the Brit stepping into the room with a green harness where Rex has made itself comfortable on his dog bed. Sophie Rex keeps trying to get her excited about it to go outside.

But all attempts at motivation fail. Each time the husky seems to say « I don’t want to go out » and protests with a loud « Nooooo ». « Come on, let’s go for a walk, » Sophie can be heard calling out to her pet. Instead of rushing to her enthusiastically, Rex remains to lie on his bed and seems to be moaning loudly.

The fact that a dog of this active breed reacts in this way is not only surprising to its owner. The more than 990,000 viewers left almost 1000 comments. Apparently, this is not an isolated case. On Sophie’s TikTok page you will find several videos that show that Rex is often reluctant to go for a walk.

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