The real culprit who tied a dog up with duct tape and left him alone in the street has been punished

How many animals actually suffer at the hands of those who abuse them is a mystery. Some countries have strict laws that protect animal rights. This dog named Justin was born in Canada. Because there, animals are rightly put behind bars for mistreatment.

Unfortunately, not all countries have laws to properly punish people who abuse animals. But in most cases, people who have caused serious harm to an animal simply pay the fine and continue to roam free.

In Canada, however, there is little discussion about such demons – you harm an animal, you lose your freedom and your ability to have pets. The real culprit, who tied up his dog with duct tape and left him alone in the street, received a just punishment.

He was imprisoned for two years. He was also released on probation for three years. Also, the monster will not be allowed to approach animals for 25 years. Otherwise, he will be punished again.

Fortunately, Jackson was found in time by volunteers. The animal’s condition suggests that it may have remained wrapped in the ropes for a long time. The man also gave Jackson a healthy dose of energy to go over his head.

The man had also worked hard, securing the animal’s face with duct tape, which made Jackson take a long time to heal. The duct tape caused the dog’s face to take a long time to heal.

After his recovery, the little one was placed with a loving family. And the scar on his face will serve as a reminder of how this little dog bravely survived life’s challenges.

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