The Siberian Husky: 5 interesting facts

As soon as they see a Siberian Husky dog, almost everyone dreams of having a furry friend. The husky breed is very similar to wolves and is one of the oldest. Here are five interesting facts about these magnificent animals.

Where did huskies appear?

It is not difficult to guess, based on the name of the breed, that the first mention of these dogs came from Siberia. Ancient breeders decided to breed a dog that would have the necessary stamina and tough skin to be protected from the extreme cold.

This is how the Chukchi dog was born, which has common characteristics with today’s huskies. Fascinating eyes.

These dogs have a distinctive feature – the color of their eyes. Huskies most often have blue eyes, but it also happens that there is heterochromia, that is, it is characteristic to have blue eyes. eyes of different shades: for example, golden, brown, or orange.

He may at first glance look like a wolf, but in fact, the husky is very friendly, playful, and calm at the same time. Yes, this breed will not make a good watchdog, due to its overconfident and friendly nature.

Huskies will be the most loyal and beloved members of any family, and the little ones are easy to relate to. They are also very intelligent and well-developed dogs.

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