The Story of a Japanese Man Who Miraculously Survived Twice

The Japanese born had a good job, he was a successful engineer at Mitsubishi, a wife, and a child. A suffocating heat appeared. Tsutomu managed to jump into a ditch, which dampened the effects of the explosion.

The Japanese man survived, but his face and body were badly burned, his eyes could hardly see anything, and his ears and nose were bleeding. In the morning, he boarded a train to return home to Nagasaki. Everyone Tsutomu told about what happened refused to believe him.

No one knew exactly what had been dropped on the city that day, or what disastrous consequences it would bring. Like any honest and hard-working Japanese, Tsutomu Yamaguchi quickly got to work delivering a business trip report to his superiors.

While in the office, he saw another strange flash of light. Such deja vu is not something one wishes for. Fortunately, the man managed to survive again. The building where he worked was located in a hilly area, the impact was not as great as elsewhere in the city.

His wife and son are not the less fortunate. They were in an underground tunnel at the time of the explosion and also managed to survive the nuclear blast. Tsutomu went bald, lost some of his teeth, and was often in severe pain, but treatment was put in place for him and he eventually recovered.

The survivor returned to work.

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