They lost their owners, and now they have each other

The two amazon cocks Kermit and Heini ended up in the Munich animal shelter after their owner passed away.

Kermit is a Yellow-Crested Amazon, and Heini is a Venezuelan Amazon, both were born in 1982, so already 40 years old. Unfortunately, there are no documents of origin.

The pretty birds are sweet, affectionate, and very people-related. Since they have known each other for a long time and are a well-rehearsed team, they are only placed together – also with other amazons.

Kermit can no longer fly well and has to have his beak clipped regularly. Since both roosters are prone to aspergillosis (bird-specific fungal disease on the lungs caused by dry air), they absolutely need high humidity.

Kermit and Heini would like their new home to have their own bird room or a large aviary at least two meters high, two meters wide and one meter deep. They also need the opportunity to fly freely every day.

Kermit and Heini tested negative four times for common bird diseases, so they are healthy except for the tendency to aspergillosis. Especially with single people, there is often no one who wants to take care of the animals.

It is not easy for the animals who are torn from their everyday life, because animals mourn too. Older people in particular like to take intensive care of their protégés.

If this self-sacrificing care is omitted, this is a serious cut in the everyday life of the animals, explains the Munich Animal Protection Agency.

Experts are therefore appealing to animal owners to make provisions for their darlings, especially long-lived species such as parrots or turtles.

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