They only had one thing in common, their height

An 88-centimeter man fell in love with an 89-centimeter girl. How their relationship worked out

Paulo and Katyusia, originally from Brazil, met on a dating site in 2006. They only had one thing in common, their height, but they soon began a complex romance.

For ten years, they had an on-and-off romance. But in 2016, the 88-centimeter-long guy still realized that he loved his sweetheart, who was 89 centimeters tall and proposed to her. Katyusha said yes, and the couple began to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

Many media have started writing about the upcoming celebration. In an instant, Paulo and Katyusia became real celebrities, appearing in most Brazilian newspapers and magazines, and the couple immediately gained an audience of thousands of followers on social media.

On September 18, 2016, the lovers got married. On the same day, they granted the newlyweds the coveted status of least married couple. Shortly after, a new record is added to Paulo’s piggy bank: he receives his driving license and becomes the lowest driver in Brazil.

The car had to be adapted to Paulo’s characteristics to allow him to drive comfortably. He works as a secretary in a law firm, so having a car is very important to him.

Paulo is a very careful driver. He hasn’t received a traffic ticket since he’s been here. The couple’s future relationship It’s been almost 6 years since Paulo and Katyusia got married, but interest in their unusual family hasn’t waned so far.

The couple have a channel on YouTube, where they share unusual recipes and reveal the secrets of beauty products. They have half a million subscribers and a combined total of over 28 million views.

Paulo and Katyusia also act as motivational speakers at various events, helping people who are different in some way to believe in themselves.

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