We’re talking about Zeus, the most powerful of the twelve Olympus gods! « Thor: Love and Thunder » is a film about the Norse god Thor. the paths of the thunder gods of Norse and Greek mythology will cross for the first time.

The role of Zeus is taken on by Oscar nominee Russell Crowe who can be seen in more detail for the first time in the long trailer. The first scenes promise a good-humored, lustful god. Director Taika Waititi staged Olympus.

In addition to Zeus and Thor, fans can also look forward to Jane Foster being played by Natalie Portman again. Following his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for nine years without a satisfactory explanation, Thor’s first girlfriend on Earth is finally back.

But Foster is no longer just a mere astrophysicist – she seems to be a kind of thunder goddess herself to have become and as Mighty Thor has the power to swing Thor’s old hammer Mjolnir.

If you trust the comics, the origin story of Mighty Thor is a tragic one. It was there that Jane Foster became seriously ill with breast cancer. Only when she wears Mjönir does she become a powerful heroine. As soon as she takes it off, she becomes a terminally ill person again.

But a new character steals the show from everyone else: In the fourth Thor part, Christian Bale will be seen as « Gods Butcher » Gorr.

A mere banging of the drum or is it the truth? After a long wait, the « Thor 4 » trailer finally shows the being that has it in for all the gods in the universe.

« The only gods care about are themselves » – Gorr’s arrival in the MCU packs a punch. Dark and demon-like in appearance, the bad guy should give one or the other Marvel fan goosebumps.

« All gods must die, » promises the dark creature in the trailer. So Thor can expect an epic fight. But maybe the other gods will help him in battle.

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