The woman looks out the window and is amazed: Why are there two sheep standing on the roof?

Chryssi Giannitsarou, an economics professor at Cambridge University, was on the top floor of the library.

When she happened to look out of the window, she couldn’t believe her eyes: Suddenly two sheep were standing on the opposite roof. How did the animals, which are not exactly known for their sophisticated climbing skills, get up there?

Chryssi immediately took a photo and published it in the local Facebook group « Odd Things Around Cambridge ». The curious picture went viral and made dozens of users speculate and puzzle over it.

Chryssi already suspected that the sheep couldn’t really be real. « It took me a few seconds to realize they were models – they looked very realistic, » the professor told the BBC.

Owner Nicky Woodruff soon cleared things up and confirmed that the two sheep named Hillary and Billary are not real animals. They used to stand in the family garden, but after the move, there was no more room for them.

That’s why they are now and then placed on the roof, which also has the advantage that they can dry better thereafter washing.

« Occasionally my husband will take them out onto the street and hose them down, » explained Nicky Woodruff. A neighbor once got angry because he thought the sheep were dogs that were washed in the middle of the street.

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