A wanderer who has become a real star. The amazing story of the dog that was named after a car

This street dog showed up at a Hyundai dealership in the US state of Espiritu Santo. He started coming to the doors of the showroom and sitting on the threshold, casting curious glances at the few customers.

At one point, the employees noted the remarkable punctuality of their guests. The tramp showed up when the store opened and sat in the doorway until lunchtime. Then he left for a while and reappeared with the arrival of new customers.

Guests would occasionally pat the dog on its hairy head, and employees would bring it two bowls full of food and water.

The funny dog ​​was a bit like a doorman – he stood tall and proud in the doorway as if letting people into his own property. After a few months of regular visits from the dog, car dealership staff started joking about an official position for their unusual guest.

The first thing to do was to give the dog a name. The new Tucson Prime model cars had just been brought in that day. Seeing the cars gleaming in the sun, the dog examined them, sniffed them, and returned to its original position, visibly satisfied with the goods. It was given the same name – Tucson.

The dog was then washed, groomed, and allowed into the salon, allowing the new employee to observe his workplace. Before being hired, Toussaint of course had a medical examination and had all the necessary vaccinations.

The symbol of the Toussaint showroom is still in use today. He greets visitors at the gate wagging his tail, then escorts them through the rows of cars. Store staff noticed that with the introduction of the Toussaint, sales increased dramatically.

And old customers come back for a new car in their store. The solid dog now even has his own Instagram account. Hyundai’s management is rightly proud of its outstanding manager. And that’s understandable!

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