Want an extra dose of cuteness?

Want an extra dose of cuteness? Then this million-viewed video of a caring cat and puppy is just what you need! User Hannah Colson recently welcomed a whole litter of adorable puppies.

From now on, her dog Olive has to take care of not just one, but nine little babies who constantly want something from their mother.

Anyone who already has children knows only too well how nice it can be when you get some support from outside to finally be able to take a deep breath, catch up on some sleep or finally be able to take a shower.

Parents can therefore certainly empathize with the following situation that Hannah was able to film: Once again one of the puppies wants something from Mama Olive and lies in front of her whimpering. It’s good that another pet of Hannah rushes to help her canine friend at that second: Tomcat Figs.

He doesn’t hesitate to comfort the puppy with cuddles and wet cat kisses. And indeed: the whimpering of the baby dog ​​is getting quieter. She seems to be grateful for the brief moment of freedom and runs out of the picture. In the background, owner Hannah can only be heard laughing in amusement.

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