What does the baby cat do with the IPAD?

In addition to cat owner Namita Dabral from Singapore, many other people are amazed at the talent of their baby cat Beancurd. In a TikTok video that went viral last week, the mini velvet paw shows what she’s already got.

More than 18 million users clicked on the curious work within the first six days.

Instead of tipping back and forth awkwardly, the house tiger proves to be quite accurate. Before the eyes of the cat, objects appear on the screen, which it has to « pop » by touching the surface.

Beancurd gives everything in the clip, knocking out one « opponent » after the other. The animal looks so routine that some TikTokers were apparently ashamed afterward. In contrast to the laypersons, however, the woman was less impressed.

As Van de Kieft put it: « This kitty is drawn to a little moving thing on the screen. She intends to go after it. It propels the natural urge of a cat to hunt.

Note: Even though today’s house cats are cute and cuddly, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their hunting instincts. What big cats can do, the little ones also have in their blood.

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