What has become of the fattest boy on the planet after 18 years? How he lived and looked

What has become of the fattest boy on the planet after 18 years? How he lived and looked.

Dzhambulat Khatokhov was born in Kabardino Balkaria, a normal baby 50 centimeters tall and weighing 3 kilograms. But after a while, the boy began to actively gain weight, and by the first year, he weighed 17 kg, which was twice the norm.

At the age of two, the scale needle already showed 34 kg. After another year, the child gained 14 kilos more. Then doctors and parents started ringing the alarm bells: something was clearly wrong with Jambulat’s body.

Due to his peculiarity, the boy attracted the attention of domestic and even foreign media and became the hero of a TV show by Andrei Malakhov. Besides, the boy’s mother was not ashamed of her son’s disability, on the contrary, she was even proud of it.

In response to the outrage of viewers, she said that she does not feed her child much, and he has a natural mass of bogatyr. It must be said that at the age of 3.5 years the boy entered the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest child in the world (2003).

At that time, he weighed 48 kg and wore size 32 shoes. After a little more time, Jambulat Khatokhov became interested in Japanese sumo. And the boy became interested in this sport, he liked it.

However, his mother was against training in Japan and brought her son back to Russia. As a teenager, Dzhambulat already weighed 150 kilograms. However, according to him, this weight did not complicate his life in any way, it only facilitated his sports activities.

The scenario changed after he enrolled in higher education. Hormones began to act, and the guy wanted to find a girlfriend. But for obvious reasons, he was not popular with the opposite sex. Just for the sake of his personal life, Dzhambulat decided to lose weight.

At that time, he weighed about 220 kg. He started training to lose weight, adopted a proper diet, and found a good trainer. And after all these efforts, the first result was achieved – he lost 70 kg.

One day he decided to see a doctor, who prescribed him some medicine to help him lose weight faster. But on December 28, 2020, Jambulat Khatokhov’s life came to an end. According to his relatives, the weight loss medication prescribed by the doctor would be involved.

His mother mostly blames herself for her son’s death, as she once took the boy to Japan, and if he had stayed there he would have continued to practice sumo and would not have started his unfortunate loss. weight.

Not all weight loss stories have happy endings. That is why this process should be managed very responsibly, consulting different specialists and monitoring your health indicators and results.

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