A woman walked out of her house 70 years ago and never came back. What his family found in the house made them millionaires

A Parisian landlady once left her house with a single suitcase in her hands. The locked apartment had not been visited since 1939. The woman’s relatives had to persevere to get permission to open the apartment door. What they saw inside shocked them.

It was World War II. When Nazi troops invaded Paris in 1939, some city residents fled their homes, fearing for their lives. They had to abandon their homes and belongings to save their lives.

This is the case of Madame de Florian. At that terrible moment, she hastily packed only the most necessary things, closed the doors of her Paris apartment, and left her hometown. As it turned out later, for good.

The woman was able to leave Paris. His goal was to get as far away from the front lines as possible. When the fighting in Europe ended and people started to return home, for whatever reason Mademoiselle de Florian decided to stay in another country.

The reason for this decision remains a mystery today, even to his closest relatives. In her conversations with them and her friends, the former Parisienne never mentioned that she might have a place to live in the French capital.

But Florian hasn’t erased his old home from his memory, even though it seems to be. During all these years, she had paid all the bills and was the rightful owner of the apartment.

Relatives only discovered the lady’s Paris apartment after her death. The lawyer who read the deceased’s will told them about it. He gave the heirs a bunch of old keys and gave them the exact address of the apartment.

Standing in front of the door to Florian’s apartment, relatives feel great excitement. They had the sensation of being in front of a time machine, crossing the threshold, and traveling back 70 years.

Inside, they could see that the interior was run down but still luxurious. The windows were framed with heavy, expensive fabric curtains, the ceilings were decorated with stuccowork.

The rooms were furnished with sumptuous antique furniture and numerous paintings, vases, clocks, and statuettes. It seems that before the war, the mistress of the house lived very well.

His relatives managed to sell the apartment and its furniture, generating a large sum of money. She was thus able to ensure a rich inheritance for her loved ones by not returning to her country of origin at the time.

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