What’s a cute thing through the zoo

So much cuteness is hard to endure: an ocelot baby was recently born at Leipzig Zoo. Now the little one is paddling happily through the outdoor enclosure.
As the zoo announced on Friday, Mama Daphne gave birth to the kitten at the end of May.

For the new parents (the dad is tomcat Picchu, the offspring is anything but new territory: « It is already the ninth cub of this couple that has been successfully raised and lovingly cared for, » it said.

After a withdrawn phase from the mother and his boy in the rear area of ​​the facility, the fluffy duo has been exploring the outdoor enclosure for a few days now.

So the big velvet paw moves together with the little explorer through the rain forest of Gondwanaland. « Her cub, which is about a month old, follows her life and with a good deal of curiosity on these forays, » the zoo said.

By the way: A little secret is causing excitement among animal keepers and zoo veterinarians! In order not to disturb the mother-child bond, the cub has not yet been inspected up close – so the gender is still unclear.

One thing is certain: whether it’s a boy or a girl, the ocelot child is sure to win the hearts of zoo visitors.

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