Where are Tofu’s relatives?

Pot-bellied pig tofu is about two years old. She came to the Munich animal shelter because the owner could no longer keep her. He had taken care of the pig very lovingly, but unfortunately, he didn’t know anything about caring for it appropriately to the species.

That’s why Tofu had problems with his hooves in the beginning. These have now been shortened and now the pig lady is mobile again. After her quarantine period, Tofu was allowed to move to the goats, roosters, and ducks. Here, work is already underway on redesigning the landscape in the new enclosure.

Tofu is looking for owners who are aware of the peculiarities of pigs and can integrate them into an existing group: Pigs are not only very intelligent animals but also very social.

To what extent does Tofu know other pigs are not known. However, she is used to human attention and is happy to be spoken to and engaged. The socialization with the other animals in the home was also problem-free: the pig gets along well with the other farm animals.

At best, Tofu finds people who not only have a lot of space and conspecifics but also have permission to keep them with a microchip instead of an ear tag that does not require permission.

The wildlife station at the Munich animal shelter takes care of around 3,000 injured or orphaned wild animals every year. After thorough care, they are then – as far as possible – prepared for their release into the wild.

The staff at the wildlife station are increasingly taking care of neglected farm animals that are looking for a new home with people.

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