Why does the dog follow its owner to the toilet?

Everyone needs that moment when they can be alone and gather their thoughts. But if you’re the owner of a little four-legged friend, you probably can’t get much more than that.

It is not for nothing that dogs are affectionately called « tails ». They literally follow their owners wherever they go. He can follow his master all day and if he starts to run away, it’s a new game: chase him!

If the dog gets tired of following you, he’ll be sure to set up his « lookout point » where he can see you and the rest of the family. And they’re going to climb through the bathroom door. If the owner disappears from the radar for more than 30 seconds, it’s time to sound the alarm and go looking for him.

Most often, puppies start whining, kicking the door, and if you open it, they just stare at you or sit next to you. For someone who has never owned a dog, this behavior may seem completely normal, but for a dog, it is a completely natural and normal situation.

A dog is first and foremost a pack animal, and he is accustomed to seeing his master as a member of the pack – the pack leader who must always be followed. Or a low-ranking member of the pack who needs to be watched to make sure they don’t become separated from the pack.

Another reason for this behavior is common curiosity. After all, dogs can’t watch TV or play on the phone, they’re interested in everything that’s going on around them. And they are very curious about the room, especially if the owner spends a lot of time there.

Intimacy does not exist for dogs. A pack never leaves each other to go to the bathroom. The pack is always there to help in any situation.

Also, if you open the door, the dog will stare into your eyes. And that’s not the start of a voyeuristic game, that’s how it helps you! In the wild, an animal in need of affection is very vulnerable, so a nearby companion controls its eyes and the area behind it that it cannot see.

The dog shows you that everything is fine and that you can go about your « interesting » occupations in peace!

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