Why does this dog look like this?

Everything was different from one day to the next: On October 23, 2018, the male Taka became the victim of an apartment fire. The poor bastard from Martinez, Georgia, was stuck on a porch while the house caught fire.

His desperate family, who had saved themselves, we’re unable to do anything more for the Shiba Inu. But as if by a miracle, the four-legged friend managed to free himself. Severe burns were the result – today Taka is characterized by a very special appearance.

A week after the accident, The Dodo spoke to the responsible veterinarian. Emily Martin had bitter things to say to the magazine at the time: « I try to treat all my patients equally, but his case touched me a little bit more. »

And further: « When he came in, he cried out in pain but he calmed down the moment they sat down next to him and started singing to him. »After a while, it became clear that Taka’s family was not more willing to take care of the poor dog. The male was not only disfigured by the fire but also went blind.

Because the hospital is not open 24 hours a day, Martin took the dog home one night so he wouldn’t have to sleep alone. « I was up at my house with him all night – and the next day we were both exhausted, » said the vet. Eventually, the woman realized that the dog belonged to her.

At that time it was not foreseeable whether Taka would survive. Today it’s clear: He made it. There are numerous parts of his body where he no longer has hair, which gives him his special appearance.

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