Here’s why snakes don’t have arms and legs

We have prepared an interesting article to find out the reasons why snakes do not have arms and legs. And the reasons why they might have appeared after all.

They weren’t born that way. They were born within the history of evolution. A hundred million years ago, the ancestors of our current 3,000 species of snakes had legs. So why did they get rid of them?

It must be admitted that being deprived of members does not prevent them from being true powers of nature.

Although snakes are reptiles, they do not have limbs, unlike their « relatives ». A recent study conducted by two groups of scientists answered why this is so.

It turns out that an evolutionary fiasco is to blame. A few hundred million years ago, a tiny change occurred in the genetic code of snakes, which then made them what they are today.

That said, research on the subject began in 2016, by two teams of specialists unrelated to each other at the same time. But the result they reached is similar.

Note that geneticists are of the opinion that if mutations led to the short-term (by evolutionary standards) disappearance of limbs, their reverse development is also quite possible.

So, for example, they explain why the remains of some branches of decapitated snakes turned out to have pronounced limbs, while their ancestors did not.

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