Wild wolf steals solar lamp from property

The residents, a couple with a dog, were woken up by noise a week ago and reported to the wolf department, said Karin, spokeswoman for the State Office for the Environment, Agriculture, and Geology (LfULG).

A crack assessor drove to them and took bite marks on the object and a shredded ball and installed a wildlife camera. Pictures show another visit by the animal, whose identity has now been genetically determined, last weekend. « It’s a one to two-year-old from the Gohrischheide pack, » said Bernhardt.

As the picture shows, this time she drags away a solar lamp, which is later found at the edge of the field. The authorities assume that the animal entered the garden via the unfenced side of the field. She has now built a mobile electric fence and wants to continue to monitor the situation.

According to the Wolf Department, the behavior is rather atypical for wolves and such a case has not yet been reported, unlike other wild animals such as foxes. The nocturnal visits could indicate that the wolf does not seek human contact and was attracted by the dog’s tracks.

According to the LfULG, there have been repeated sightings of wolves and attacks on grazing animals and game enclosures in the area in recent months.

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