Will these animals find their happiness?

Aron is a miniature bull terrier mix born in August 2020. He ended up in the Munich animal shelter because his previous owner was overwhelmed with him. Aron has a shoulder height of 35 centimeters and currently weighs 20 kilograms.

Aron shows himself to be cuddly and friendly both with reference persons and with strangers – but sometimes also distant and watchful. He already knows the common basic commands (sit, down) and listens to his name. Otherwise, the trusting guy has hardly enjoyed any education.

His new owner should therefore already have experience and be able to lead Aron well. Attending a good dog school is definitely recommended.
Aron is largely stable in his environment, cars, cyclists, and joggers are not a problem for him.

He gets along well with other dogs, here sympathy decides, especially with males. The mediation with an existing bitch should not be a problem, Aron would also get along with children from about ten years of age. However, cats or other small animals should not be present in their new home.

In December 2021, the rosella cockerel came to the Munich animal shelter because its previous owner passed away. Unfortunately, Tino lost his partner ten years ago and has had to live alone ever since. That should change as soon as possible!

Tino hatched in 2000, so it’s an older breed. As a result, his new flame shouldn’t be that young anymore. He also needs a home that is handicap accessible because he can no longer fly. Nevertheless, the aviary or bird room has to be nice and big so that he can climb back and forth diligently.

Tino was diagnosed with a heart condition. He, therefore, has to be given heart medication orally every day. He doesn’t like it at all, but with a little practice, it works quite well.

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