A Woman Was Looking For A New Dog And Suddenly Found A Friend

At first, Aisha wasn’t sure if the dog in the photo was her missing friend named Kuwo, but upon closer inspection, the woman found a small scar on the dog’s face.

I kept thinking that someone had kidnapped Kuwo and hurt him. I was just devastated. The dog had always been there for me, and now he was gone. It was difficult to accept this, – recalls Aisha.

It turned out that Kuvo had been found just weeks after he went missing. He was taken to the Lehigh County Humane Society center, where he was given the nickname Ash. He was entrusted to a new family.

However, the people who took the dog were soon forced to return it. As soon as she realized that Ash was actually Kuvo, Aisha immediately went to find her tailed friend.

The woman was afraid that the dog would not remember her after such a long separation, but she worried in vain.

« When he saw me, he ran towards me. Then he literally threw himself on me, and we started kissing and cuddling. Cuvo sat on my lap. » – Aisha told.

When a beloved pet goes missing, it feels like a hole is forming in our hearts. But now that Kuwo is home, Aisha says her heart is whole again.

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