Young Girl Gives Her Dog A Maternity Photo Shoot And Makes Her A Social Media Star

For a long time a beagle named Coco lived in poor conditions and used it for breeding. During one of her pregnancies, the dog was rescued by staff at Homeward Trails Animal Center. Needing special care, Koko was sent to the care of a girl named Cary Smith.

« Coco was a little shy at first, but once she arrived at Cary’s she came alive. She became affectionate and playful and clearly wanted to be part of the family. » – said Sue Bell, executive director of Homeward.

The young girl then decided to offer her pooch a maternity photo session, similar to those that are usually done for humans. « I took glamorous maternity photos with Coco and promised her that after her last puppies were released, she would never have to give birth again. » – Carey told The Dodo.

The results of the session were amazing and made Koko a star on social media. Many users praised Carey’s work and showered the pregnant model with compliments.

The girl hopes that Koko will find a permanent home more quickly thanks to the photo shoot. But for now, the dog, along with her nine newborn puppies, are recovering at Carey Smith’s home.

When the little ones are a little older, the staff at Homeward Trails will take their mother to be spayed and then begin looking for a home for the whole tailed family.

Even though Coco will no longer be able to take part in the maternity photoshoot, she will definitely be an asset to any family photos.

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