4 old ladies were able to adopt over 10,000 stray cats

There are homeless animals in many countries around the world, but there are also people who are willing to take care of them selflessly. Some people can help one or two cats or dogs, others number in the tens, hundreds, or even thousands.

A record was set by a couple of modest women (now retired) from Ho Chi Minh City, where they helped find homes for over 10,000 cats. It took them 20 years and the number of cats they adopted still seems incredible.

How the hell did they manage to do that? After all, 20 years ago people were without social media, and many of them even without the internet. The secret was revealed by Ms. Quach Thi Trinh, 58. She said she had a small market stall and that during the day she saw lots of stray cats and kittens.

Eventually, the good woman’s heart gave in and she began to help them. She first brought home a few kittens, washed and fattened them, then began looking for owners. She put a cage with kittens under the counter and started asking all her customers if they wanted a cat.

In this simple way, she managed to adopt 60 kittens in one month. This is the beginning of her volunteer work in a cat shelter.

Later, she met three other women who also helped the cats and whom she is still friends with today: Nguyen Kim Anh (63 years old), Tran Thi Hoa (62 years old), and Tran Thi Mai (65 years old).

They are simple women, with low incomes, who are used to working hard. One of them works as a cleaner, another collects bottles, and a third takes care of her sick son. But they all find time and food to feed stray cats, trying to help them find new homes.

In 20 years, the four Vietnamese women have taken in 10,000 cats. Today, they are still doing their volunteer work, but with the help of social media visitors.

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