A cat tired of kittens made social media laugh

Cats are very beautiful and clever animals. They can understand you anytime. We also should understand them, they also can be tired or stressed. here we have an example of a cat that was tired of its routine.

A video report on the difficult daily life of her cat, who recently became a mother, was posted on the network by a TikTok user.
The fluffy parent has just put the little ones to bed after a hearty dinner. And the parent will relax at the end of a busy day.

But it seems the kittens haven’t exhausted their daily energy yet. Judging by the wagging tail, the young mother was not happy that her little ones, instead of lying down properly, continued to demand attention.

He’s a poor cat, isn’t he?

The kittens didn’t just make noise in their box. One of them is practically out of the park in search of adventure. I was especially amused by the reaction of the exhausted mother, and youth network users.

A truly unique situation, what do you think?

On the whole, they sympathized and laughed at comments about the situation, so familiar to all parents. Many noted the expressive face of the young cat, which, instead of resting, had to rest the offspring again. And it displeased my friends, some even considered it obscene.

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