A dog center employee stole the hearts of Internet users

A recent social media post showed a husky named Skye and her owner Zachry Majewski from Wichita Falls, Texas hoping people would recognize her and bring her home.

It worked well. Except it wasn’t the dog he wanted to take home, it was the pretty boy. Many people asked him if he was looking for a place to live and wondered if he had a girlfriend.

Zachry started working at the center last October. He is both a technician and an animal control officer. Zachry has been in the kennel for about five weeks. The man has always had a passion for animals and even has a tattoo dedicated to his love of four-legged animals.

He dreams of becoming a game warden in Texas, writes The Dodo. Zachry’s photo on the center’s social media caught the attention of thousands. Since then, the phones in the center have not stopped ringing.

Honestly, we didn’t expect that. When I saw the post in the morning, there were about 500 comments, I came to the office and said, « This post has exploded on the internet. » – Nicky Bacon said. He hopes this will help many dogs find homes.

And in case anyone was wondering, yes, the guy is still single. Hurry up.

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