A factory worker came out to find a cat’s head sticking out of a trash can – it turned out the cat was stuck in the trash can

An employee at a local factory in Dandenong, Australia, witnessed an unusual, and sometimes frightening, sight. She saw a cat’s head stick out of a trash can during her lunch break.

Until the woman approached the trash can, she thought it was some kind of horrible joke, some kind of mockery invented by animalists, she even almost screamed.

But no, it turned out that the cat had stuck its head in the little hole in the bottom of the tank, but couldn’t get it out. The drainage hole in the tank turned out to be a dangerous trap for the curious animal.

Apparently, the cat was fetching food from the trash can when someone accidentally closed the lid of it. The animal was not fazed and, having discovered the drainpipe, decided to use it to free itself from its confinement. However, he failed miserably.

The woman first rescued the cat, then called her colleagues, who then joined her in an attempt to save it. The woman rescued the cat herself, then called her colleagues, and together they worked to save the cat.

The two men, however experienced, could not get the cat out of the pipe – they had to resort to the drastic measure of cutting the metal. An hour later, the cat was finally released. He was rescued an hour later.

Not only did he have to sit there all morning, but the metal pipe cutter buzzed overhead. The cat had suffered a lot. Then the cat, which they decided to name Piper, was taken to a local shelter, where it was treated for fleas and received other necessary care.

After the cat goes through a rehabilitation program, it will seek permanent owners. It’s lucky a woman spotted his poor head in a hole in the ground. Since the litter box was a bit far away, people may not have noticed, and if so, Piper’s fate is unclear.

But all’s well that ends well, and this cat too will find a home sooner or later, and it may already have.

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