A man spent $6,000 to turn back time at his house

ack Walters lives in the UK and is a die-hard fan of the 90s era.

He remembers those times with nostalgia and pleasant emotions because then the houses were comfortable, and the technology was useful, providing the necessary entertainment, but at the same time not overloading the brain.

The cottage needed updating, and that’s when Walters realized he had a blank canvas to create a nostalgic masterpiece of interior art in the best 90s tradition. His parents approved of their son’s idea.

Acquiring all the necessary items was not so easy, because some of the must-have attributes of a bygone era are now almost impossible to find. But Jack got to work: he actively visited antique shops, flea markets, and all sorts of second-hand stores.

He bought a lot of things on eBay and even some at auction. Among Jack’s purchases are a VCR and cassette player, an old oven, a radio, and an alarm, an electric kettle (probably one of the first).

The Walters family home now looks like something from 30 years ago. Everything is reminiscent of the 90s: the finishes, the furniture, the appliances, the decoration.

But parents insisted that some appliances, like the washing machine and dishwasher, be modern and new. Interesting fact! Jack is so into 90s fashion that he dresses in it and drives an old blue Austin Mini Metro, which was discontinued more than 20 years ago.

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